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Roman Feast Reminder
If you want to come to the Cursus Apri Roman Feast, to be held on Saturday 26 July, now is the time to book. Full details are available on the Cursus Apri web site, and you can pay online using Paypal.

We'll be meeting to plan the menu this coming Sunday afternoon (20 July), with a BBQ. If you'd like to come and join in, let me know. Bring your Roman cookbooks! We can also compare notes on the progress of our togas.

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A tunica and palla seems to be the way to go for the girlies... want me to post some links up?

That would be a good idea. I'm not sure what Kate has got planned to wear, but she's bought some material to make me a tunic and a toga.

OK - I'll post them when I'm at home tonight!

Thanks a lot - those look great.

What time is the feast starting? I've been invited to a barbecue in the afternoon, and I'd like to call in on the way if possible... or is it an early starter?

*curses double booking*

The Roman event is all-day, running from noon till midnight. We'll have a light lunch to start and a feast in the evening.

If you'd like, just turn up for the feast in the evening.

If you're need of crash space, you can stay with us or with Andrew as you prefer.


I'll probably pop in at the barbecue then and turn up about 5.

Crash space, yeah, had discussed last time I was up? Happy to stay whereever is most convenient for you both? Just a place to rest my weary head is all I need *smiles*

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