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iPhoto to LiveJournal Exporter
I spent the weekend working on an exporter plugin for iPhoto that will save photos directly into the LiveJournal Scrapbook photo hosting (which is available to those with paid LJ accounts).

I've got the basics working, and its available for download at:
(requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and iPhoto 4)

To install it, download the disc image. Make sure that iPhoto is not running. Select iPhoto in your Applications folder, select "Get Info" (from the File menu or from the contextual menu), open the Plugins section of the info dialogue and click on "Add...". In the file dialogue, navigate to the mounted disc image and choose "LiveJournal.iPhotoExporter". Close the info dialogue, and launch iPhoto.

Be patient when clicking 'Export' - it doesn't currently have a progress bar, and if you click on 'Cancel' or switch to a different tab in the dialogue when its uploading, it will silently stop. You can see the progress of uploads by looking at the messages written to console (open Applications/Utilities/Console).

I'll be working on updates over the coming days, including resizing images before uploading, storing LJ login details in the Keychain, adding a progress bar and adding sensible error reporting.


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