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LiveJournal iPhoto Exporter 1.0b2
The second beta release of our iPhoto exporter is now available for download. It enables you to upload photos directly to LiveJournal Scrapbook from within iPhoto. You can download it at:
(requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and iPhoto 4)

New in this version:

  • Resize images before uploading

  • Progress bar and status messages while uploading

  • Cancel partially complete uploads

  • Better error checking and dialogues

If you're interested in further updates, I'll be posting them in the filmgold community.

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This sounds useful. Will you be doing a PC version? Preferably one that works with old computers? And dialup?

The Windows upload wizard thing isn't very easy to use.

The plugin works fine with old computers - as long as they are old Macs! And would work fine on dialup too.

But you know already that if you want ease of use, you should get a Mac...

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