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Now that kateaw is away, its time for me to start relishing the freedom to do the things that she would disapprove of if she were here. Number one on the list is watching some of the more 'specialist' DVDs in my collection.

So does anyone want to join me in watching Wagner's Tristan & Isolde, say at 3pm on Sunday afternoon? (Münchner Opernfestspiele 1998, with Waltraud Meier as Isolde and Zubin Mehta conducting.)
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I may be in Auchtermuchty with Em's parents this weekend continuing making the corset, BUT... Ruairidh would be sympathetic to the cause of Wagner and may be enticed to drive me through for 3PM. Can we wait and see when I speak with them on Friday to confirm that?

We LOVESES Wagner!!!

Yep, that would be fine.

Sadly I doubt we have the streaming capabilities to allow me to join you (even remotely) - and 3pm would be midnight here - otherwise... :)

> So does anyone want to join me in watching Wagner's Tristan & Isolde

Haven't I sat through that one once already?

You may well have enjoyed it before. It is rather good.

Yes! But I probably won't be able to get down from Aberdeen. :(

Travelling from Aberdeen is at least do-able, whereas travelling from Iceland to watch an opera on DVD would seem a little excessive. Even if it is Wagner.

This is true. :) Now travelling from Iceland to Bayreuth for the festival would be a completely different matter. Mmm... I bet festival tickets aren't badly priced compared to Icelandic prices. :)

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