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New garden
The work on our front garden has now finished. The old steps have been removed, a sloping path has been added, the drive has been extended (so its easier to fit two cars on it) and a new wall has been built. Much easier for getting a pram to and from the house.

Front garden

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I am so happy for you! That looks absolutely splendid. It changes the whole look of the front now- it looks far more finished. All you need is a wee box full of flowers underneath the window there, and you are done. Onto the workroom.... Yay you.

Witness the grand panoramic sweep of the decoratively paved drive path through an avenue of trees tree, with spacious accommodation for carriages. A ha-ha of sand-stone prevents the unwelcome incursion of the native Highland cattle, while leaving un-interrupted classic views of the rugged Fife coastline.

I like it. :-)

Your garden and drive way look amazing! It must be great to have the improvements.

As has been said by everyone else - that certainly looks like a good addition.

I like the colour of your front door as well.

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